Game Design

Time Slime

*This game is a work in progress.

You are a scrappy young blob with big dreams to travel through time. During the maiden voyage of your newest invention, the Time Ship, something goes wrong. You’ve been cast into the future. Key components of the Time Ship have been split off and scattered onto different planets. Worst of all, in this future your home planet has been destroyed. Can you gather the parts of the Time Ship and return to save your world before its destroyed?

Level one is playable in the browser. For all 3 levels, please download the executable below.

This game was made with Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and Aseprite.


Move: Arrow keys

Select: Enter

Shoot: Z

Jump: X

Arc Shot: C (Unlocked on level 2)

Dash: Shift (Unlocked on level 2)

Pause: Esc

Restart: R